Pictoglas. An innovative way to create artistic and architectural glass

Pictoglas creates images in glass for design and architecture. It is a handicrafted innovation that can be produced industrially in large quantities. A unique, modern product with a life span of many generations to come.

Pictoglas is a technique that suits public spaces, private interior design, residential buildings and other real estate, hotels, libraries, concert halls, beautiful furniture, tombstones, churches and mosques.

The creators and founders of Pictoglas are Ewa Stackelberg and Nadja Ekman  both photographers and artists. In 2005 they were awarded the Stockholm Inventor’s Grant and in 2009 they were appointed female inventors of the year by the Swedish Inventors Association. The initial research was conducted in cooperation with the Royal University College of Fine Art in Stockholm.
Pictoglas is currently produced at the Swedish glass factory GFAB.

Find out more at www.pictoglas.com/